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What kind of tea bowl is Shino Chawan? what kind do you have? Is there a famous tea bowl? This time I would like to take a closer look at its characteristics and classification about Shino Chawan.

What is the definition of Shino Chawan?

It is said that the Muromachi era tea maker Munenobu Shino asked Mino pottery to make it and it started, “Shino Yakin” started from there. It seems that there were a lot of things made with soba soil which had high refractory temperature and sweet paste.

Moguse clay soil is a little soil with iron, baked on a purple or pinkish base of clay, a thick glaze called Feldspar glaze crushed a thick glaze thickly, and a beautiful Shino tea bowl is completed. It seems that the glaze skin of the old Shino tea bowl has many small intrusions, yuzu skin, small holes.

Also, it seems easy to get scenery scenery on the glaze side and the rim with less glaze. Shino tea bowls are produced which control the thickness of the glaze well and draw a beautiful contrast between red and white. Shino tea bowl is one of the two tea bowls designated as a national treasure with a domestic tea bowl. Please take a look at the bowl called Unohanagaki(Mitsui Art Museum Collection) by all means. It’s a beautiful tea bowl.

Character of Shino Chawan

Early works are excellent in excellence. “Hagoromo” is the best example of that. It gradually becomes elegant, and it is a style that will be well integrated in a good sense or a bad meaning. Those whose hills are extremely low may be receiving the flow of “Setoguro”. After that, something shaped like a plum is like a scent, as if they were conscious of ido chawan.

Category of Shino Chawan

Eshino(Normal Shino Chawan)

It is orthodox thing baked with Shino glaze on top after painting with demon under the glaze. Many of the early Shino bowls are classified into this. Because there is no redness, it looks elegant.

Mitsui Art Museum

Nedu Shino

Iron cosmetics called decorative boards are applied to the substrate, and the patterns are carved and painted white, and then baked with Shino Glaze (feldspar glaze) applied. The scraped portion remains white, and the iron component is baked reddish brown or gray depending on the conditions of the kiln.

GOtoh Museum

Akane Shino

When the volume of feldspar glaze decreases, it becomes reddish skin. The style that the excitement is coming down with honor. Recent writers often have many bowls.



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