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What kind of tea bowl is Oribe Chawan? what kind of image do you have? Is there a famous tea bowl? This time I would like to take a closer look at its characteristics and classification about Oribe tea bowl.

Huruta Oribe who was one of the disciples of Sen no Rikyu was created as a producer. It is called “Orio favorite”, it is far away from the view of the world of rustling loneliness promoted by Rikyu until then, has a fantastic shape and pattern innovation.

Also, it is said that there are many Kyoto style paintings about painting, there are voices that the design was done in Kyoto, and the production was done in Mino in production. It is said that it was made with firm division of labor. It seems no mistake to breathe new winds into the world of tea.

However, while Oribe Chawan were blown away by the world, Oribe Chawan is rapidly deflated by the death(harakiri) of the Oribe. I guess the production stopped in the early years of Edo. After that, it is after the end of the Tokugawa that comes again to the world of the table.

Category of Oribe Chawan


A black bowl. It is very similar to Setoguro, but the shape is more irregular than Setoguro. There are many things that are crooked and bent, and warped edges. On the other hand, the circumference of the hill often does not honor, it is similar to Setoguro here, is not it? It seems that there is a tendency that the initial thing is full of roughness with big swings.


It is typical that tea bowls painted with a demon on the part of a tea bowl, painted with a demon on it, and tea bowls that painted by scratching a scroll with a gorilla. Not only the girth but also drawing interesting pictures on the prospects.
The paintings are not elaborate, they are very primitive and may feel somewhat childish. It seems to be able to feel the enthusiasm of a freaky old person.


Grilled green Oribe. Is it mostly tableware and incense? There are really few tea cups. The combination of beautiful green and opalescent contrast, and a momentary painting combination determines goodness or badness. There is a tendency that things that do not receive the feeling of serenity are becoming famous items.


It might be easier to understand that NarumiOribe has a red-colored weave. Since it is not black, it does not feel tight and receives a feeling of frankness. There are not many production bowls to the bottom, it is often seen in dishes and confectionery pots.


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