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Original Story

In the early days of the Edo period, the Daimyo who dominated the area of Oshu: a bowl that is believed to be possessed by Date Masaki. After that, it was transferred to the samurai house of Edo, the record which has long been loved as a treasure of the treasure remains. After that, it was named “Matsukaze” from Immediate Inn at Senke. Like Oribe, with an outward appearance, the shade of the other bowls looks thin.
By the way “Dateotoko” means dandy man.

About Shape

Oribe tubular teacup. Because it is portrait, it is often used because it is difficult for tea to cool down in the winter tea ceremony. With a considerable thick making, the mouth is getting thicker. The shape of an unexpected unexpected shape, like Oribe. On the inside of the hill is a hexagonal grand ball roundness remaining.

About Skin

Skin is sweet and softness can not be felt. The pattern is very interesting and it looks like a round winding window. There are fine waste left, and stones that are not completely melted have become nice scenery.

About Weight

Heavy as half bowl tea bowls compared to Shino tea bowl and easy bowl. A bowl that a buddhist man seems to like.

About Box

It was named “Matsukaze” by Sokuchusai. However, because it is kind of insignificant as other tea bowls, I’d like to name it “Suzuma”.

A Tiny Story

Among the Oribe tea bowls that Ebisuya have, This Oroba tea bowl of the most orthodox route. The prospect is also deep, it should be a great success even as a usual consumer. Originally it is black, so it does not matter if you put coffee.


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