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Original Story

In 1621, a black music bowl named “Toshinori” as possessed by Inogata Toshiori who governs the kingdom of the Kaga prefecture clan. After that, it remains as a record that the Edo merchant tried it at the tea ceremony. Also, evidence remains on the bottom of the box that the name of the desired person was written after the Edo merchant.

Abou Shape

Although the torso part looks awkward at first glance, you can realize how irresistible shape is, if you add both hands, how rational it is.

About Skin

The skin color is not a glossy one as seen after the Nonkou(3rd Raku family), but the appearance of withering and roughness is adorable.

About Weight

[Raku bowls = thin and light] image will be betrayed. If you think cute size, you will be surprised by the surprising weight.

About Box

The box has already been torn fiercely, and it is in the situation of paying it in a double box’s empty box. On the back of the box is written “Toshinori”, but levels that can not be read unless image processing is applied. In addition, there remains evidence that it seems that the name of the person handed over after the Edo merchant was written in the box bottom.

A Tiny Story

In the tea bowl that Yebisuya hold, “Toshinori” is a bowl that fights first and second. It is hard to see a tea bowl which surpass wabi-sabi impression of this bowl. It is also perfect for everyday use with small size. By the way, the story is a product of a delusion.


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