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The position of Raku-chawan No. 1 will not move.

“Oguro” is said the top of Raku-Chawan. In the tea bowl made by Chojiro, Oguro is a rare species that is classified as a big size. There are a lot of people who are making a poem like evaluation that the rusty skin and pin-hall that appeared on the front seem to see the universe and the galaxy. You certainly feel good when you hit light on “Oguro” in the dark tea room. It may be the most beautiful appearance that it is illuminated by a faint light in a dark tea room rather than a clear tea room.

The origins of “Oguro” name really simple?

Since “Oguro” is big Black Raku chawan, it is named as “Oguro (Big Black)”. But how truth or how it is. This bowl is listed at the top Rikyu-shitisyu(Rikyu’s Seven Bowls). I truly want to believe that it named after such a normal story…

A Tiny Story

Glaze covered after the scissors tends to be nice and feels like a universe. The unbalance of the hill which is smaller than the rounded swollen lower half of the body is somewhat visible.


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