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Eisei Bunko

It is Hiragana’s “Otogose”

A black tea cup says that he was transmitted to Hosokawa family for generations. The shape of the mouth as seen from the front has a very characteristic, it is also on the mouth to make it with a funny face. Black light is relatively strong and I can hardly perceive Kasekase. In that respect, Mayashiro ‘s likeness may not be much. By the way, there is a name bowl called “Foundry” in Koetsu’s cup. In the case of brief look, it seems that court rulers will rise in Koryatsu, how are your ratings?

A Tiny Story

By the way, “Otogose” is about young and beautiful girls. As you know, it seems that this tea bowl is a bit black and has a bitter shape and that there is not a crow’s feeling.


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