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Raku Museum

The most beautiful tea cup in Chojiro

A prized masterpiece. However, until recently it seems that it was a product of treasure of Senza treasure, it finally was released for the first time at the Kyoto Raku Museum in 2012.

There is no hand twist, only static exist

For Choujiro’s tea bowl, there are many tea bowls where warmth is felt somewhere due to twisting of hands, but hands are not felt only in a large house shop. If anything, the waistline is made beautifully, as if you used..

A Tiny Story

It is famous as a tea bowl which actually tea was made in the movie “Rikyu ni Tazuneyo”. The director of movie persuaded owner of “Mozuyakuro” to actually use this bowl in movie one cut is amazing in many ways. . .


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