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Hatakeyama Museum

The best shape of the ido chawan

It is a perfect bowl made with all the charm of a well bowl and there are voices saying that it is comparable to the Oido chawan “Kizaemon”. Especially the splendor of the high-ranked kairagi, the part where the white glaze drips like the white mountain ranges is superb above the Oido chawan “Kizaemon”.

Origin of naming is Hosokawa Sansai

It became this inscription from what Hosokawa Sansai (1563 – 1645) possessed. Hosokawa who was a first-rate tea ceremony while being a master. Before an important battle, you might have drunk dark tea with friends / ally and this tea bowl and drink cohesive team strength.

A Tiny Story

Hosokawa has been treated as one of “Tenka-San-ido” together with “Kizaemon” and “Kaga”. I am out of control at completion rate.


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