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Nezu Museum

A bowl with love and eyes

Kobori Ensyu might love this bowl. As a kind, it seems that “Wasuremizu” belongs to the class of Oido. It is full of cuteness which can not say anything, and atmosphere like 20 year old lady. We saw it at the Nezu Art Museum, but I fell in love at first sight, it has been love and love for about 30 minutes.

Appearance perfect for naming

Name “Wasuremizu” comes from te story that it was attached because it forgot to pour water, it was attached. Forgetfulness is that ordinary people point at a faint waterside where they do not share it. In Koido chawan, Wasuremizu Would be as great koido chawan as Rokuzizou, I suppose.

A well adorable shape that does not seem to be a tea bowl

Although it is style, the coloring is beautiful after all. It does not mean that Madara’s pink color is like a bowl of tea ceremony, it looks like the whole is covered with a thin pink foundation. Regarding the waist, it is not a two-step stance that seems to be common, but it has a stand that is divided into four stages. Where the mouth is slightly warped, it is a feature not seen in other Koido chawan. I think that if it is limited to appearance it looks like a persimmon bowl.

A Tiny Story

Nezu Museum possesses it and that it can be seen quite often. Unlike other Ido chawan, we can not feel so much of a wild crib, so it seems to be a high-tea bowl with female reception.


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