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Mitsui Museum

The real color is more wonderful than picture.

One of the national treasure bowl made in Japan. It is a masterpiece of Shino bowl, which is a national baked representative. Watch in real will be futher wonderful than seeing it in the photograph. In other Shino bowls, photographs are more beautiful in many cases, but the reverse is true for “Unohanagaki”. It shines several stages. Please do enjoy the real thing by all means.

Beautiful back behind beauty type

hape is also great. Color development of scarlet color is suppressed and the condition of the distortion of the mouth does not accumulate at all. I keep balance of goodness without feeling this deceptive act. I want to pay attention to the back. When entering the showcase, it is easy to see just the front side by all means, but “Unohanagaki” is behind, it is pretty sexy. The appearance which entered vertically glows and shines. It is like a returning beauty. Well, love and fear.

Originally it seems to have been in the Fuyuki family in Edo, but he seems to have come to Muromachi Mitsui family in the middle of the Meiji 20’s. I think that Zaibatsu Mitsui got a considerable amount of money and got it.

A Tiny Story

It is supposed to be exhibited once a year at Mitsui Memorial Art Museum. The degree of rareness is not so high. While I am alive, I would like to have tea once. I wonder if it is a dream come true.


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