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Nedu Museum

The “Aoido Chawan” style bowl

Rokuro-me(line marks) is strongly outwardly shaped, very sharp shape, the color of the blue that appears slightly in the thin biwa color, intrusive and deliciously carefully thoughtlessly thoughtful, all are the ideal of the Aoido chawan I am in shape.

Naming sense is …

Shibata’s name is attached to it since Nobunaga handed over this bowl to Shibata Katsuya. Speaking of amusing “Shibata” naming, it is there. . . Tea cups are also good, but the box is amazing again! However, there is no opportunity to see the box easily.

A Tiny Story

Cross over from Oda Nobunaga to Shibata Katsuya, at the end of the days Tokugawa period entered the Hirase family of the Osaka Chisakaya Hirase family, moved to the Fujida family in Meiji and later became the place of Nezu Kaichiro. An important person to know about the history of “Shibata”.


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