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Tokugawa Art Museum

incomprehensible people and items are drawn!

Talking about Oribe tea bowl, they often have images with an unknown meaning. Where only the person knowing exactly what the painted drawing tried to write. In case of “Huyugare”, it looks like Petit Scarecrow (Scarecrow), maybe I drew something more meaningful.

A smoked mouth is also beautiful

Although it is a tubular tea bowl, it is full of Oribe tea cuplike appearance that the mouth is skewed and distorted. I think that it is reasonable to have a reasonable place where the mouth raised just one step. Although Oribe tea bowls are generally irregular in shape, it is surprising that their ease of use actually drinks tea in hand.

A Tiny Story

“Fuyugare” is hardly exhibited. It is owned by the Tokugawa Art Museum, but it is hard to exhibit in Tokyo. Although I suspect that there is some reason or something.


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