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Gotou Art Museum

There is no crudeness seen in “Waraya”

Oribe tea bowl with impressive distorted shape and mysterious pattern. Oribe tea bowls of moderate often feel roughness, but it seems that the roughness has disappeared somewhere, “Waraya”, as it is strange.

The balance of landscape and warp is the best in Oribe!

When it comes to the shape, I have an eye on the pattern drawn on the waist anyway, it is unknown what I thought to draw such a picture, but I will also smell somewhere philosophically. In a sense, it may be caught as a forerunner of abstract paintings.
The mouth that is curved and curved seems to be difficult to drink tea at first glance, but if you put your hands properly from the front, it is surprisingly easy to drink. The beauty for the purpose(Younobi) was firmly embodied, and Yanagi Souetsu would have been completely satisfied.Of course, there are tea cups that are difficult to drink.

A Tiny Story

Oribe tea bowl is solidly baked, so I think that it is not as brittle as an easy bowl. So, by all means, I would like you to make opportunities to pick up tea and pick up tea.


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-Oribe Chawan


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