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Otogose -Red Raku Chawan- | Honami Koetsu

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A rare superstar chawan

Most of the items with nice tea bowls are made by chawan artist. Together with Chojiro, Otogose’s maker Koetsu is a famous chawan artist.

The face changes according to viewing angle!

Even the same bowl, from which angle you look, the impression will be completely different. The angle you see is very important also for you. It seems like it changes so long that Unohana arranges her shoulders. What looks most beautiful is the angle that is often taken in books etc.

The style overflows with Eros

The mouth of you is glossy and full of eros. It is pretty that there are traces of mushrooms and how to enter the room. The rounded waist is also a feature of Koetsu tea bowl.
※ Koetsu has various types. There are things like if you cut off vertically like Vaiśrava, some orthodox tubular bowls like Mt. Fuji. Perhaps the size of the repertoire represents the magnitude of Koetsu’s curiosity.

A Tiny Story

By the way, this collection is individual. So, well, well, I can see it rarely. I am lucky to meet, so do not miss it.


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-Honami Koetsu


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