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Azuma -Black Raku Chawan- | Honami Koetsu

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Kitamura Art Museum

The shape is standard Koetsu type

As a style, I feel pretty close to “Non-kou(Raku Family 3th)”. No, this will no longer be a must. The method of melting the glaze is almost the same as that of “Non-kou(Raku Family 3th)”. Where there is a corner, there is a Gwangyan modeling that was dealing with swords in any way, but without it there would not be mistaking as a “Non-kou(Raku Family 3th)” black style. Perhaps, Koetsu made a mold, it may be that non-cook was baked with glaze.

A Tiny Story

Koetsu and Nonkou(the third generation of the Raku family) are inseparable relations. It is a famous story that Koetsu had bought soil from a paradise to make a bowl. Because it is such two people, there are likely to be some works jointly made. This “Azuma” maybe it may be a work that might be a work.


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-Honami Koetsu


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