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Shitiri -Black Raku Chawan- | Honami Koetsu

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Gotoh Museum

Have Koetsu been inspired by “Nonko” or vesus?

This tea bowl will be set as the same category as “Kaga-Kouetsu”. The mouth was aligned as if it had been cut with a sword, and the torso was still linear. On the top of the torso you can see the scene with “glazing out” like Nonko made tea bowls. Was it made inspired by Nonkou? Maybe no, it may be that Nonkou was inspired to the scenery of “Shitiri” made by Koetsu.

A Tiny Story

In this bowl categories of Koetsu, the quality could be the best. The scenery where glaze is not applied is beautiful.


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-Honami Koetsu


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