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Bishamondou -Red Raku Chawan- | Honami Koetsu

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An old-fashioned naming

Typical Raku bowl that is red-color. the name derive from the famous Bishamon-do stone steps pulled from the way autumnal leaves wrapped it. The shapee seems to be typical koetsu bowl, with spurs and cracks. These cracks probably entered in the process of firing. Although it could ordinarily be a failed work if there cracks, Koetsu was enjoying the interesting scene born by accident while firing bowls. So, “Bisyamondou” also remains as a fine work.

A Tiny Story

There is no famous Koetsu’s tea bowl that has no cracks. “Bishamondo” also carries a big cracks for many sides. It is better to crack the kiln than to keep it with no crack. we could say “No cracks, No Koetus”.


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-Honami Koetsu


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