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Hatakeyama Museum

Accident made this bowl excellent!

Watching “Seppou” everyone thinks about how the kiln cracks parted up and how we succeeded. Was Koetsu inscribed this part as a snow melting river, and that the part of white glaze was snowflakes on the mountain, so Kouetsu marked like “Seppou”?

Backside is also great work!

When I moved my eyes to the other side and the other side, there was a spectacle of surprise. I will fall in love with a fine gold succession with thin lacquer wires.

It is also interesting around Koudai(bottom)

It is good to see “Seppou” in line with kiln cracking around the altitude. It is already sinking in the torso so that the hill can not be seen. It seems that Seppou could not bear the weight of own weight in the kiln and inside into the prospect.This bowl maybe get No.1, if someowne will try to make replica.

A Tiny Story

Fujiyama and Snowmen of National Treas will compete for Top 1 and 2 in Koetsu tea bowl. Personally I like Snow Mine so gleefully. Also, how did you cross the Hatakeyama Memorial Hall is also interesting.


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-Honami Koetsu


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