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Daitokuji Kohouan

The national treasure with a impressive story

The interesting story of this bowl is what is said to be “transmitted”. It is a tea bowl with a mysterious background that it went to the hands of a number of celebrities and the last was donated to Daitokuji. People who are familiar with bowls are famous, so many people may know it. I would like to introduce it with a saddest story.

The style has plenty of interest!

Prospects, of course, the kairagi of the hill are also rugged and manly. It is a splendid dead lot. Still keeping a powerful figure, it may be a national treasure. Well, well, well-done, but I do not care.

All in all if the scenery is good

There is after lacquer repair on the waist. Has anyone bumped hard? It should normally be a minus evaluation, However it is an interesting points in japanese tea ceremony world that plus evaluation is good if it looks good. It is not impossible for other countries to see how to find the value that is incomplete.

It is rare. Do not miss it!

There is not a chance to see you easily. I hope to see it periodically like the Yuraku well of Toho, but it is quite nice.。

A Tiny Story

The owner is a tea bowl famous for its origins appearing in the body and body. Matsudaira’s ambiguity as the last owner was also plagued by the stuff in body, and his wife donated Kizaemon to Daitokuji. There was data that came in the database page of cultural properties. Anything, “Takeda Kizaemon – Honda Notomori Tadayoshi – Nakamura Sousetsu – Toushi – Matsudaira Humai – Daitokuji Kohouan” and so on.


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