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Sanritsu Hattori Museum

The national treasure is its naming sense!

Among the national treasure cups, the only author knows the name is Fuji. Mr. Koetsu Aya naming with excellent naming sense. Besides this tea bowl, there are some works that are national treasure, it may be known later. The collection is held at the Sanritsu Hattori Museum, which is regularly exhibited once a year.

The scenery make this bowl only one

Although it is style, the shape is a semi-cylinder like a national treasure Unohana brat. How to bake is grilled. This is related to the relationship with the paradise. From the middle of the waist to the top is a gradation like white becoming stronger towards the mouth. I get a somewhat impressed impression. Meanwhile, from the waist to the bottom receive a lot of impression with the rugosity. The part touched by hand is solid, the part where the mouth touches is precious and it is hard to make a bowl. I would definitely like to have tea for my hands.

Koetsu: Sense unique to super artists

As a type of bowl, it is a bowl, but as a design there are many places that do not look like a bowl. Fuji was born in between, with the unrestrained sensibility of the super artist Koetsu of those days.

A Tiny Story

Incidentally, it is interesting how this tea cup brought to this museum. A little introduction … There is a tea ceremony of the Yu Yeo called Yukihara in Hatakeyama Memorial Hall, but Hatakeyama is Snowflake depending on which two prominent tea ceremonies are chosen, and another one is Fujiyama We believe that you chose.

By the way, in this box is written “Fujiyama great ischa” on the table. It is the issue of Gwangya with great fiction. The box is written by Koetsu ‘s own handwriting, and the sign of Koetsu is pushed (I do not understand the real intention). Koetsu was the first time that the producer himself wrote a box. It seems there was a custom of naming things made by other people, though. If you would like to know more about Koetsu please read this article as well.



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